Most of our board members met while at college. They all had the shared passion of finding fun ways to help people in their community. Everyone has contributed in different ways, from their philosophies to their individual expertise, to make D-10 the unique organization it is today.

Ray Rose


Born into a Navy family that traces their heritage to the Norman invasion on England in 1066, Ray spent his formative years overseas. Living overseas and seeing the world from a different perspective awakened a love for humanity and nature. This outside perspective has instilled an appreciation of the wonders and beauty of life and the potential of humanity.

Embracing the founding American philosophy of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, Ray’s goal is to make his community a better place one event at a time. Blessed to call the Tampa Bay, Florida his home, Ray harnesses the generosity and fun-loving nature of his friends and neighbors to create events that bring joy for the participants and financial and emotional help to local charities.

The D-10 Society was created as a way to turn people’s desires to have fun and be communal, with society’s needs to help our most vulnerable members.

One of Ray’s long-term philanthropic goals is to use free markets to create affordable housing for working families and to establish a scholarship for trade school education.

Denise Schultz

Board Member

Denise is originally from the Midwest – Detroit, MI area. She was raised in Tampa Bay and spent every summer back in MI. She went out on her own to live across the country for over 11 years:  New York City, Miami, St. Louis and San Francisco – twice. She decided to come back to Tampa Bay and settle here … at least for now. 🙂

She is a strategic MBA Financial leader with multiple years’ experience in financial services, strategic planning, project management, and operations. Denise is an exceptional leader with a proven ability to lead projects and teams, deliver results and build collaborative relationships at all levels. She is a strong problem solver who is able to incorporate education, experience and insight when faced with business challenges.

Denise is an avid traveler, when she’s not traveling the globe she enjoys giving back to her community.  Denise has been involved in The D-10 Society for years.  She loves what it stands for – having great events and creating memories all while giving back to the community.  She also has served on the Board for the Junior League of Tampa and is currently a sustaining member as well as involved in other charitable organizations such The MS Society and FAMM.

Patrick Lau

Board Member

Dee Newson

Board Member

Dee Newson, born and raised in the City of Angels is a true “Cali Boy.” With the exception of not being a surfer dude, he is laid back and likes to have fun (even if that means, poking fun). As he likes to say, he is naturally tan yet unrefined. Dee brings his quirky sense of humor to the table when interacting with people. Dee received his PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida.

From a career perspective, Dee is an Organizational Development consultant, both internally and externally. Dee’s OD consulting experience spans several industries including non profit, technology, financial services, insurance, and energy (oil and gas). Dee has a passion for helping to improve the productivity and shareholder value of organizations, by the proper utilization of its greatest asset; human capital. Although he deplores the summer humidity, the friendships he has made since moving to Tampa have made it feel like his home.

Dee joined the board of the D-10 Society, shortly after attending a 4th of July event in 2008. He was impressed with the diversity of people who attended the organization’s events, and knew he found a group with which he would build an everlasting friendship. Although Dee now lives in Seattle, he continues to support the D-10 Society and attends most major events. He considers all of the board members to be his family. When Dee is not working or engaged in charitable activities, he enjoys traveling internationally, working out, and snowboarding.

Sanjeev Thomas

Board Member

Born in Malaysia, raised in India, Sanjeev made Tampa home during his pre-teenage years. Sanjeev met the D-10 board through mutual friends and is honored to be a part of this multi-cultural board. Collectively, the board shares the desire to bring together people from various backgrounds, introduce them to unique experiences and ensure everyone has a great time. Through the organization, Sanjeev strives to raise awareness and contribute to various charitable organizations.

Sanjeev currently works as a Business Analyst, where he bridges the gap between the Healthcare industry and Information Technology.

Julie van der Westhuizen

Board Member

Julie was born and raised in northern Germany and first met her friends from The D-10 Society in 2006 while living in Orlando. 

She soon attended her first D-10 events like Ginnie Springs Camping, boat parties and one of her favourites, the Halloween party.

She’s a world traveler and loves exploring new countries and cultures, having visited almost 70 counties so far. As she hops back and forth from Germany to the US she loves being part of organising the D-10 parties. 

“When I have to describe The D-10 Society I always say ‘Here, everyone is welcome. Positivity, having fun and with that giving back to the ones in need, that’s what we stand for, as simple as that.”

Over the past years she’s helped with different projects with charity organisations such as the Help Alliance from Lufthansa. Here’s one example of a project sponsoring a water pump in The Gambia, Africa:



Legacy Board Members

Jon Roseberry

Legacy Board Member

Originally from Austin, Texas, Jon has been a part of the D-10 Society since 1998. Jon joined the organization upon moving to Tampa. For 15 years, he has helped the D-10 Society grow and contribute much needed funds to the charities it has supported.

Jon works as a Senior Account Executive for Old Republic Home Protection serving the greater Austin area. Residing back in Austin, with Albert, his Shar Pei, he continues to support the organization and its charities. He has found great reward in helping others.

Steve Haag

Legacy Board Member

James Sciandra

Legacy Board Member

James Coronel

Legacy Board Member

John Harbord

Legacy Board Member

Chris Hernandez

Legacy Board Member


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