The D-10 Society has its roots starting in 1989, with the goal to have fun while giving back to the local community.

About The D-10 Society

The D-10 Society was created as a way to turn people’s desires to have fun and be communal, with the need to help the most vulnerable members in our society. Many of the charities we support help children in our community.

Our events turn the generosity and fun-loving nature of our neighbors and community as a whole into financial and emotional help for local charities.

The D-10 Society events are a great place for network, making new life-long friends, exploring and promoting new places and venues in the Tampa Bay area.

Our reach is international, with contributors and friends from around the globe. Many “Friends of D-10” even travel around the world together!

Some of our most popular events of the year include:

  • Gasparilla After-Party

  • Redneck Ball

  • First Friday / Onesie Funsie Parties

  • New Years Eve Party

  • Halloween/Neween

  • Bike Events

  • Ginnie Springs


We strive to involve more people in helping the community by throwing exciting events that raise money to give back to local charities.